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WHEN YAMANG BUKID FOOD PRODUCTS' Food Technologists, Biologists, Physicist And Microbiologist Go Night Out, They End Up At Some Cozy Resto In Baguio City. Their Topic Of Discussion? It's All About "ists."

YAMANG BUKID FOOD PRODUCTS' Central Visayas Regional Manager, Jean Suarez, A Registered Nurse, Was Not Able To Keep Her Conservative Composure As She Unleashes Her Artistic Nature When The Enchanting Beauty Of Siquijor Island Engulfed Her That Led Her To

THE Ladies Of The Yamang Bukid Farm Number 1 Busied Themselves Preparing The Pots With Organic Fertilizers, Carbonized Rice Haul And Top Soil For The New Seedlings At Our Nursery. (Photos By KC Latras)

THE ACCOUNTING And The Human Resource Departments Guys Of Yamang Bukid Food Products Are Known For Their Seriousness Because Of The Heavy Tasks Of Their Respective Job Descriptions. But Being Young And Friendly, They Always Find Time To Be Wacky From Time

YAMANG Bukid Food Products' Assistant General Manager For Human Resource Department (HRD), Miss Sonia Bada, Briefed Some Members Of The HR And Accounting Departments' Of Yamang Bukid's CALABARZON And Bicol Regional Offices About The New Payroll Preparatio

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ALONA JEAN ANTONIO MILLO Is One Of The Originals Of Yamang Bukid Food Products' Mega Manila Team. Known As One Of The "singers" Of Yamang Bukid, Alona Is Definitely One Of The Reliables Of Yamang Bukid In Every Special Events Like The One In The Photo Whe

MASTER CHEF Bon Sumandal At Work For Another Of His Yummy Pinoy Delicacy At Yamang Bukid Farm's House Of Kakanin.

GETTING Some Tips On Photography From The Professional Photographers Made The Day For Some Of Yamang Bukid Food Products During A Photography Workshop At The Yamang Bukid Farm Today.